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Quote of the Week (Mar.1, 2011)

Mar. 1, 2011

Rén de shēnghuó yóu xīndòng hé xíngdòng liǎng gè fāngmiàn zǔ chéng:
人    的   生活         由    心动     和     行动      两    个     方面      组   成:
xīndòng shì xiàngwǎng yuǎnfāng, xíngdòng shì yòng jiǎo zǒuxiàng yuǎnfāng,
心动       是     向往         远方,     行动         是   用    脚     走向       远方,
wǒmen zhǐyǒu bǎ xīn hé jiǎo jiéhé qǐlái, shēngmìng cái néng zǒu de gèng yuǎn.
我们     只有    把 心  和  脚  结合  起来,生命          才   能     走   得   更     远。


One's life is composed of the motivation in one's heart and action: the motivation of one's heart is to yearn for the desired goal and the action is to move towards the destination on foot. Our lives can go further as long as we combine our heart's motivation with our feet's movement.
— From 俞敏洪 (Yú Mǐnhóng) Yu Minhong, the CEO of New OrientalEducation & Technology, the biggest comprehensive education group in mainland China. 


心动 (xīndòng): n. the motivation of heart


行动 (xíngdòng): n. action


向往 (xiàngwǎng): v. to yearn for


结合 (jiéhé): v. to combine


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