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Quote of the week (Jul. 27, 2010)

Jul. 28, 2010

Chāopiào zhǐyǒu yòng diào le yǐhòu cái shì nǐ  de,
钞票          只有     用    掉    了 以后 才  是 你 的,
dǎ kāi píjiāzi,   kànkan méiyǒu yòng diào de chāopiào,
打 开 皮夹子,看看     没有       用    掉   的     钞票,
shàngmian yìn de shì “Zhōngguó rénmín yínháng,” gēn nǐ méi guānxi.  
上面            印 的 是“  中国         人民       银行”,跟  你 没    关系。


Only after the money is spent, it is yours. Open the wallet and look at the bills, you will find “People’s Bank of China” printed on the bills-it is not your money (yet).
 —From “周立波 (Zhōu Lìbō) Zhou Libo,”  a famous talk show host in China.

生词 (shēngcí) Vocabulary


钞票 (chāopiào):  n. money


皮夹子 (píjiāzi): n. wallet


银行 (yínháng): n. bank


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The Chinese characters for “yuan,” “jiao” and “fen” are “元,” “角” and “分.”

The Chinese characters for RMB are 人民币 (rénmínbì). Anyone helps me learn Chinese characters for “yuan,” “jiao” and “fen?” I just know the Chinese pinyin for them. Thanks!

I want to learn Chinese characters for RMB. Anyone can help me?

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