Quote of the Week (Feb.14, 2011)

Jīyù yídìng dāi zài pàomò lǐ, Facebook gèng xiàng shì pàomò.
机遇一定    呆  在   泡沫  里,Facebook 更     像      是   泡沫。

Opportunities must lie in the bubbles, and Facebook is much like a bubble.

—From 宋保强 (Sòng Bǎoqiáng) Song Baoqiang, engaged in IT technology in China.

机遇 (jīyù) n. opportunity

泡沫 (pàomò) n. bubble

Culture Note:
Renren.com, widely said to be the Chinese version of Facebook, was originally called xiaonei.com. It was set up in December, 2005 and was the earliest social networking site for university students in China.

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