May I Ask What Your Surname Is? (Beginner) 请问您贵姓?(初级)

请问您贵姓?(Qǐng wèn nín guì xìng?)

May I Ask What Your Surname Is? 


    Nín hǎo! Wǒ shì S gōngsī de Jim, qǐng wèn nín guì xìng?
A: 您    好! 我 是 S  公司    的 Jim,请    问   您    贵   姓?

     Hello! I’m Jim from company S. May I ask what your surname is?    

    Miǎn guì xìng Wáng.
B: 免     贵   姓      王。

    My surname is Wang.
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4 thoughts on “May I Ask What Your Surname Is? (Beginner) 请问您贵姓?(初级)”

  1. Hi, “免贵姓王” means my surname is Wang. In Chinese, when we ask the other people’s surname, we often say “您贵姓?” “贵” means “honored” here, which is added to show the asker’s respect. So when answer this question, we often say “免贵姓…” “免贵” is to show the modest of the people who answered.

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