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Chinese Mini-Test: Feel better? (Beginner)

Jan. 10, 2011

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

A: I heard you caught a cold. Feel better now?

B: Yes, thanks.

What does “feel better?” mean in Chinese in this conversation?

A. 好点了吗 (hǎo diǎn le ma)

B. 更好的 (gèng hǎo de)

C. 挺好的 (tǐng hǎo de)

D. 感到好些 (gǎn dào hǎo xiē)

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Besides, you can also use “一点(a bit)” and “一些(some)” to express the same meaning.

thank you I did got a bit , thks

The choice A) “好点了吗” is an interrogative sentence. The character “吗” is a modal word used at the end of a sentence to indicate a question. However, the choice D) “感到好些” is a declarative sentence. You may also say “好点了。(Feel better.)” to indicate a positive answer, while use “感到好些了吗?(Feel better?)” to show a question.

In the interrogative sentence, the subject cann’t be the first person while in the declarative sentence, the subject can’t be the second person.

For example:
你(他tā/她tā)好点了吗?or 你(他/她)感到好些了吗?
Do you (Does he or she) feel better?
我(他/她)好点了。 or 我(他/她)感到好些了。
I (He/she) feel(s) better.

In this Chinese test, what is the difference between “点”and “些?” Should I say “好点了吗” or “好些了吗?”

In Chinese, “点” and “些” are both measure words. “点” means “a bit” and “些” means “some.” In this Chinese test, the two expressions are both commonly used in Chinese. They have similar meanings.

will like to ask what is different qestion A) and D) boot is same but must be some think in betven pls explain to me pls.
your sensirly sabah

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