New TV Series: 红楼梦 (Hóng Lóu Mèng) Dream of the Red Chamber (Intermediate)

New TV Series: 红楼梦 (Hóng Lóu Mèng)Dream of the Red Chamber

Key Learning Points (Preview):

首映 (shǒuyìng): n. premiere  期待 (qīdài): v. to look forward toThe “首映 (shǒuyìng) premiere” of the new TV series “《红楼梦》(Hóng Lóu Mèng)Dream of the Red Chamber” kicked off on Sept. 1, 2010. Many were “期待 (qīdài) looking forward to” it, but there were a few who thought that this new version would not be able to “超越 (chāoyuè) surpass” the popular version that aired in 1987.

Dream of the Red Chamber by “曹雪芹 (Cáo Xuěqín) Cao Xueqin” is one of the four great books in Chinese literature. The central theme centers on a tragic love story between the main characters “贾宝玉 (Jiǎ Bǎoyù) Jia Baoyu” and “林黛玉 (Lín Dàiyù) Lin Daiyu.” In Chinese literature, this classical text is regarded as exemplifying the “巅峰 (diānfēng) peak” of the classic Chinese fiction and has a society, “红学 (Hóngxué) Redology,” dedicated to the study of the text, including the author, editions, and so on.

People all over the world have shown a great interest in the classical text and even have pursued it as a major area of “研究 (yánjiū) study.” Thus far, it has been translated into more than twenty languages including English, French, and German and has attracted many people in the world with its rich Chinese culture. 

Key Learning Points:
首映 (shǒuyìng): n. premiereExample:

Dàomèng Kōngjiān zài Běiměi shǒuyìng hòu, jiù zài piàofángbǎng shàng liánxù
《盗梦        空间》   在   北美      首映      后,就  在      票房榜          上      连续    
chēng bà sān zhōu.
 称       霸   三   周。
After the premiere of Inception in North America, it dominated the box office for three weeks.期待 (qīdài): v. to look forward toExample:

Rénmen dōu hěn qīdài jīnnián de Yàyùnhuì.
人们         都   很   期待 今年    的   亚运会。
People are looking forward to the Asian Games this year.Chinese Language Vocabulary:

超越 (chāoyuè): v. to surpass巅峰 (diānfēng): n. peak研究 (yánjiū): n. studyChinese Culture
General Chinese (Beginner Level)
General Chinese (Intermediate Level)

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  1. I know this famous Chinese book. I remember my Chinese language teacher told me that its original title wasn’t 《红楼梦》Dream of the Red Chamber, right?

  2. Yeh i am fully agree that the old one is the best i ever seen in any language…not only the acting stander but direction dress and every thing is relly impressive.
    now a days i am translating it in my Pakistani language(urdu)it will b a great pleasure for pakistanise to know chinese history customs and culture in this way.

  3. In my advanced Chinese language lessons, I learned that this book had several titles besides《红楼梦》Dream of the Red Chamber and 《石头记》The Story of the Stone, such as 《风月宝鉴》from the first draft and 《金陵十二钗》from the twelve main actresses. But 《红楼梦》 is a better title and has become the most well-known one.

  4. I have been a loyal reader for sometime now, this will likely be my very first comment. I thought it was eventually time. Thanks

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