New Catch Phrase – “有钱,任性(yǒuqián, rènxìng)”

If you take a look at Chinese social sites like WeChat and Weibo you will probably notice a number of people who proclaim themselves to “有钱就是任性(yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng) or “有钱,任性(yǒuqián, rènxìng).” Once you understand the meaning of the phrase you will probably wonder what this world is coming to. This buzzword was officially listed as one of the top ten cyber words of 2014. So, what does it mean and why are so many people saying it? Let’s have a closer look!

Learn popular Chinese phrase - 有钱就是任性(yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng)

“任性(rènxìng)” literally means willful or headstrong. The phrase “有钱就是任性(yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng)” means one can do what he pleases, even though it may seem unreasonable and silly, because he is rich. Originally, the phrase was used ironically to describe rich people who flaunt their wealth and lead lavish lifestyles. Gradually, it has also become a popular phrase used to poke fun at one’s own friends.
“有钱就是任性!(yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng)” can be used to describe someone who, for example, buys international designer purses or clothes without any hesitation. We can also make the same remark towards someone who gives a luxury car to his girl as a birthday present. Sometimes the phrase is used as self-mockery, for example, some netizens may claim themselves “有钱就是任性(yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng)” when they spend five yuan buying instant noodles for lunch.
Many related buzzwords have also shot off from this phrase, among which are “年轻就是任性(niánqīng jiùshì rènxìng) young and willful,” “成绩好就是任性(chéngjìhǎo jiùshì rènxìng) to be willful because of one’s high scores,” “有才就是任性(yǒucái jiùshì rènxìng) talented and willful,” and “长得帅就是任性(zhǎngdéshuài jiùshì rènxìng) handsome and willful.” If your friend doesn’t cares much about his health and stays up all night to play games online, you can joke that “年轻就是任性(niánqīng jiùshì rènxìng)” to show that it is ridiculous for him to spoil his health and waste his youth. Alternatively, you may find a handsome actor attending an activity with a weird haircut or out-of-date clothes. It may seem that he doesn’t pay much attention to his appearance and dress, but regardless, he still looks extremely attractive. In this instance, you can also remark that “长得帅就是任性(zhǎngdéshuài jiùshì rènxìng),” meaning his handsome face is enough to attract attention, even without fashionable clothes or a stylish haircut.

Iphone 6s zuótiān cái gāng fābù,  tā   jīntiān jiù qù mǎi le, yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng!
Iphone 6s   昨天     才  刚     发布,她  今天   就 去  买   了,有钱    就是   任性!
The iphone 6s was just released yesterday and she bought one today! She is so rich that she always buys whatever she wants.

Tā měinián dōuhuì chūguó lǚyóu hǎojǐcì, yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng ā!
他  每年      都会      出国     旅游  好几次,有钱      就是  任性    啊!
He travels aboard several times each year. How rich and willful!

Tiānqì zhèmelěng tā yě  bù duō chuānyīfu, niánqīng jiùshì rènxìng!
天气    这么冷        他  也  不 多   穿衣服,    年轻       就是   任性!
He is wearing such little clothing on such a cold day. He’s so young and willful!

Měicì kǎoshì tā bù zěnme fùxí yěnéng kǎodé hěnhǎo, chéngjìhǎo jiùshì rènxìng!
每次  考试     他 不 怎么    复习 也能     考得    很好,    成绩好        就是   任性!
He doesn’t prepare much for exams but still gets high scores every time. How smart and willful!

Tā chūmén cónglái bú huàzhuāng, pífūhǎo jiùshì rènxìng!
她  出门       从来     不  化妆  ,       皮肤好  就是  任性!
She never puts on makeup when she goes out! She is so willful with good skin!

1. When we say someone “有钱就是任性(yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng),” what do we probably mean?
A. The person makes a lot of money through his or her hard work.
B. The person does what he or she pleases thanks to deep pockets full of cash.
C. The person knows how to spend his or her money wisely.
2. If a friend boasts about his personal luxury yacht online, how might you reply?
A. “有才就是任性!(yǒucái jiùshì rènxìng)”
B. “长得帅就是任性!(zhǎngdéshuài jiùshì rènxìng)”
C. “有钱就是任性!(yǒuqián jiùshì rènxìng)”
3. In which of the following situations will you remark “年轻就是任性(niánqīng jiùshì rènxìng)”?
A. Your friend purchases a villa without any hesitation.
B. A young man often stays up very late.
C. The top student in your class makes no preparation for the coming exam.

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