Must-Know Tips for Dealing with School Boredom

It’s typical to hear parents lament that their children are not able to focus and that their grades are not as good as previous report cards. As children grow older, their minds wander and they would much rather spend their attention on the things they are interested in, which can lead to boredom when it comes to study time. The aim of this article is for you to enable your children to concentrate and tolerate boredom. The key to overcoming this rebellious period is to communicate with your child.

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I. A Child’s Aversion to School Can Be Analyzed From Three Aspects

1. School Environment And Outside Temptation
During school, the relationship with classmates, the communication with the teacher, and the teacher’s attention to the child, have a certain impact. The teacher’s influence on the child is important, even more than the family’s influence. When children are tired of studying because of external temptations (such as an addiction to online games), parents should be patient enough and find out the reasons, and give psychological guidance to their children to help them get out of their predicament.
2. Heavy Academic Work And Psychological Factors
When it comes to learning, parents often pay more attention to the child’s grades which can create a great deal of mental pressure on the child. If the child is only able to win status and attention by achieving excellent grades, when the child’s grades are not satisfactory, their own sense of inferiority and insecurity will affect their psychological health. This easily leads to the child being bored with school.
3. Poor Learning Foundation And Loss of Confidence
Some children do not have a firm grasp of basic knowledge and cannot keep up with their studies. A child’s learning is a gradual process and when it goes ignored for a while they might miss integral information and then will need more time to make up for it. When the learning gap is large the child will be tired of coping, they will no longer understand what is happening in class, and won’t be able to complete the homework on time. Then the child is caught in a vicious circle and as time goes by they will become tired of learning.

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II. Parents Must Learn the Best Way to Deal with When Their Children Become Bored with School

The first point is to divert their attention. Through communication with the child you can understand the child’s inner thoughts. The best remedy is to reduce their degree of fascination with external temptations. Parents can guide their children to participate in the activities organized by the school, such as sports meetings organized by the school, off-campus field trips, poetry readings, conferences and debate competitions. These activities should be enough to divert their attention from online games.
The second point is that parents should encourage their children to do better by using positive reinforcement. For example, when your child is afraid to be the middle speaker, we can encourage the child by saying, “You are the best! Mom believes you can do it!”. Encouraging education works better than suppressing education. Parents should cultivate the optimal development of their children, not simply ask them to study well. Talking only about orders and demands will make the child emotionally depressed.
The third point is that learning partners are very important to inspire them to help each other learn. In eChineseLearning Chinese online schools for kids, students talk and discuss with each other, which can make both sides think more and more openly and get greater inspiration from each other. Parents can find a companion learning partner or a companion learning teacher for their children, so that their children can experience the charm of learning.
The fourth point is that parents should use punishment wisely and not indulge and spoil their children when they make mistakes. The punishment should be fitting of the crime so that children know right from wrong. Punishment should also be made clear with the child so they know the causes and consequences. This way the child is aware of their mistakes, rather than parents simply venting their anger.
If your child is criticized by the teacher at school for not listening carefully and not completing their homework, as parents we can say something like this: “I know that the teacher scolded you today and you are having a hard time. Can you tell mommy why you were disruptive in class?” After the child tells us the specific reason, we then make the punishment according to the actual situation, for example, finishing their homework before going out, etc.

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The fifth point is to guide your child to participate in learning activities and useful social practices without leaving time for violating the discipline.
Here is a daily schedule that parents can make with their children according to their children’s situation.

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Parents should not be anxious when their child becomes bored with school. Each child is like a seed, some only blossom, some only grow leaves, some grow into a big tree, some are as hard as grass and none of them will be the same. By communicating with their children, parents can learn about their child’s personality, which areas the child is best at, and thus help them solve their academic or life difficulties.

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