Superheroes You Have to Know About — in Chinese

Earlier this month, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” came out in theaters, and since its debut it’s pulled in nearly $800 million – and on track to make over $1 billion (it probably has already, if you’re reading this after Christmas).
With all eyes on “蜘蛛侠 (Zhīzhū xiá)”, we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you to other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
蜘蛛侠 (Zhīzhū xiá):  n. Spider-Man

漫威电影宇宙 (Màn wēi diàn yǐng yǔ zhòu): n. Marvel Cinematic Universe

1. 惊奇队长 (Jīngqí duìzhǎng)

This human-turned-Kree-turned-superhero goes by the name of “Captain Marvel” – though her birth name was Carol Danvers. As one of the first female superheroes to play a large role in the Marvel storylines, Captain Marvel has also been a super-powered role model for girls around the world!
惊奇队长 (Jīngqí duìzhǎng):  n. Captain Marvel

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例句 (lì jù):

wǒ de zhí nǚ qīn pèi jīng qí duì zhǎng de yì zhì lì .
我  的  侄  女  钦  佩  惊   奇  队    长    的 意 志力。
My niece admires Captain Marvel for her willpower.

nǐ rèn wéi shuí huì zài zhàn dòu zhōng huò shèng , jīng qí duì zhǎng hái shì chāo rén ?
你 认  为   谁    会  在   战     斗     中      获     胜 ,     惊   奇  队   长     还  是    超    人?
Who do you think would win in a fight, Captain Marvel or Superman?

2. 格鲁特 (Gé lǔ tè)

Groot, a huge living tree, first appeared to many in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and many fell in love with his iconic, “I am Groot”. His character had wide appeal abroad, too, and movie theaters across China saw fans of all ages cry with laughter and sadness along with Groot.
格鲁特 (Gé lǔ tè):  n. Groot

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例句 (lì jù):

zhèng rú wǒ suǒ xiǎng , gé lǔ tè shì yī kē huó shù .
正       如 我   所    想  ,   格 鲁 特 是 一 棵  活  树。
Just as I thought, Groot is a living tree.

gé lǔ tè kě néng shì màn wēi diàn yǐng yǔ zhòu zhōng wǒ zuì xǐ huān de jué sè .
格 鲁 特 可  能    是   漫    威    电    影   宇   宙      中     我  最 喜   欢  的  角  色。
Groot is probably my favorite character in the MCU.

3. 黑豹 (Hēi bào)

Black Panther, with the given name of T’Challa and king of the fictional country of Wakanda, was featured in a movie of the same name that was an instant classic. Like many other heroes of the films Black Panther’s already near-superhuman abilities were enhanced with a near seamless addition of highly advanced technologies. Sadly, the actor Chadwick Boseman, died in 2020 after playing many roles over the years that inspired countless boys and girls to achieve their dreams.
黑豹 (Hēi bào):  n. Black Panther

HSK 3 quiz
例句 (lì jù):

wǒ xī wàng wǒ néng xiàng hēi bào yī yàng mǐn jié.
我 希   望    我    能     像     黑   豹  一  样     敏  捷。
I wish I could be as acrobatic as Black Panther.

wǒ wú fǎ xiǎng xiàng tóng shí chéng wéi wǎ kǎn dá zhī wáng hé chāo jí yīng xióng.
我  无  法  想      象      同    时    成     为   瓦  坎  达  之    王    和   超  级  英    雄。
I can’t imagine being the king of Wakanda and a superhero at the same time.

Whether you’re a hardcore superhero fan or just trying to keep with pop culture, now you can talk about some of the coolest characters on the big screen – in two languages!

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