Mini-Test Answer: She has doubts about what Lisa said.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is B.


         Wǒ zuìjìn yìzhí zài pǎobù jiǎnféi.
  Lisa: 我 最近 一直 在 跑步   减肥。
         I’ve been running lately to try to lose weight.

         Zhēnde ma?
Lucy: 真的     吗?    


The phrase “真的吗?(Zhēnde ma?)” is used to express doubt or surprise about something. It is similar to “really?” in English. “真的” means real or true. “吗” is put at the end of interrogative sentences. In the above conversation, Lucy uses “真的吗? (Zhēnde ma?)” to express her doubt and surprise about the news that Lisa is losing weight.


         Jīntiān wǒmen qù díshìní lèyuán wán.
Mum: 今天    我们     去  迪士尼  乐园     玩。
         Let’s go to Disney Land today!

         Zhēnde ma? Tài bàng le!
  Son: 真的     吗?太    棒    了!
         Really? Wonderful!

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2 thoughts on “Mini-Test Answer: She has doubts about what Lisa said.”

  1. William Oliver Dein

    Dear Teacher, once again I thank you for the e_ChineseLearning newsletters and Cultural Instruction. Gui zhidao it has been Good for my Spirits. Qing could Yu instruct me on the Right/Correct way to say “Believe” in Chinese? I will await your response with Patience. Cheerio for now – William

  2. Jennifer Zhu

    Nihao William. In Chinese you can say “相信 (xiāngxìn)” to mean “believe.” Hope it helps.

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