Mini-test Answer: 周末愉快!(Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Correct Answer: A


A: “周末愉快 (zhōumò yúkuài)” is the Chinese expression for “Have a good weekend!”

B: “周末见 (zhōumò jiàn)” is the Chinese phrase for “See you over the weekend!”

C: “祝你开心 (zhù nǐ kāixīn)” means “Wishing you happiness!”

D: “假期愉快 (jiàqī yúkuài)” is the Chinese phrase for “Have a good holiday!”

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  1. I know there are five Chinese tones in total, but I can’t always distinguish the second tone from the fourth tone. Is there a trick to this?

  2. Let me use examples in order to explain these two Chinese tones. Let’s look at “愉快.” The tone of “愉” is the second tone, and the tone of “快” is the fourth tone.

  3. I can describe the five Chinese tones in this way: the first tone is high and level. The second is the rising tone. The third is a falling then rising tone. The fourth tone is a falling tone. And the other tone is called the neutral tone. It is flat, with no emphasis.

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