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Chinese Mini-Test: Have a good weekend! (Beginner)

Dec. 24, 2010

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

A: Have a good weekend!
B: Same to you.

How do you say “Have a good weekend!” in Chinese?

A. 周末愉快 (zhōumò yúkuài)

B. 周末见 (zhōumò jiàn)

C. 祝你开心 (zhù nǐ kāixīn)

D. 假期愉快 (jiàqī yúkuài)

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Hello Nurul, You will get the answer to “Have a nice weekend” in Chinese if you click the link of one of the options.

Hi, Stan,we provide most of posts in Chinese, English and Pinyin. You can choose the posts of different categories and levels which are suitable to you at the navigate bars on the top of the page. You can also sign up our weekly newsletter for free, and we will send you a Free e-book which explained Chinese popular in both Chinese and English. Hope you enjoy it. If you need other learning materials, please leave detailed message here, we can recommend some books that meet your requirements.

I DO NOT KNOW a word in chinese, so it is very difficult for me.
I NEED a book with chinese words and english. Stan

Both “周末” and “假期” refer to time away from work, but they are different. In English, “周末” means “weekend,” while “假期” means “holiday.” If you are fond of doing Chinese tests, the selection of eChineselearning Chinese tests might be helpful in your studies.

I have done many Chinese Tests, because I like Chinese and find the tests help me practice! I think “周末” and “假期” mean the same thing. Am I right?

I like doing quizzes, especially Chinese tests from which I can learn something useful about the Chinese language. I wonder about the differences between “周末” and “假期.”

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