Mini-test Answer: 本 (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer for the test in this Chinese course is A.

A: “本 (běn)” is a measure word used to describe a book or brochure. For example, “一本书 (yì běn shū) a book,” and “一本广告册子 (yì běn ɡuǎnɡɡào cèzǐ) an advertising brochure.”

B: “个 (ɡè)” is a measure word widely used with a variety of nouns. It is even called “the omnipotent measure word” sometimes. But often we can’t use it in the same way as some proper measure words. For example, we can say “一杯水 (yī bēi shuǐ) a cup of water,” but we cannot say “一个水.”

C: “位 (wèi)” is a measure word used to show one’s respect for a person. For example, “一位客人 (yí wèi kèrén) one guest.”

D: “杯 (bēi)” is a measure word used to describe cups of liquid. For example, “一杯茶 (yì bēi chá) a cup of tea.”

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  1. Muhamad Motavakel

    I am very thankful for the good method in teaching chinese.It is very nice and useful for me.

  2. In this Chinese course, you mentioned “本 (běn)” is a measure word, but I disagree. I learned that “本 (běn)” is a noun meaning “book.” For example, “课本 (kèběn) textbook.”

  3. Can “杯 (bēi),” which appeared in this Chinese course, also be a noun? I think I sometimes hear people say “杯子 (bēizi) cup.”

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