Mini-test Answer: Reading a magazine at a café (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer for this Chinese test is D.

Here is the translation of the dialogue.

A: Is Mike still in the park?

B: No, he isn’t; he is reading a magazine at a café.

So, the correct answer is D “Reading a magazine at a café.” Here are some words in this test.

杂志 (zázhì): magazine

报纸 (bàozhǐ) newspaper

花园 (huāyuán) garden

公园 (gōngyuán) park

咖啡 (kāfēi) coffee

A: 在花园看杂志 (zài huāyuán kàn zázhì) Reading a magazine in the garden

B: 在公园看报纸 (zài gōngyuán kàn bàozhǐ) Reading a newspaper at the park

C: 在咖啡厅喝咖啡 (zài kāfēitīng hē kāfēi) Drinking coffee at a café

D: 在咖啡厅看杂志 (zài kāfēitīng kàn zázhì) Reading a magazine at a café.

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  1. I love learning the Mandarin language through your Chinese tests. I’ve learnt two phrases related to 咖啡: 黑咖啡 (hēi kāfēi) black coffee and 白咖啡 (bái kāfēi) white coffee.

  2. I really enjoy learning the Mandarin language as a hobby. I came across a Chinese phrase “校园,” what does this mean?

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