Chinese Mini-Test: I bought a book. (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Choose the correct measure word to fill in the blank.  

Wǒ mǎile yì ____ shū.
我   买了 一____ 书。
I bought a book.
A. 本 (běn)
B. 个 (ɡè)
C. 位 (wèi)
D. 杯 (bēi)

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  1. While talking with a friend about this Chinese lesson online, she mentioned a couple of nice example sentences:
    Jīnqián mǎi bù lái xìngfú.
    Money can’t buy happiness.

    Zhèzhānɡ chànɡpiàn fēichánɡ chénɡɡōnɡ, màile yìbǎiwàn zhānɡ.
    The record was a big hit and sold a million copies.

  2. In this Chinese lesson online, I learned that the word “买 (mǎi)” means “to buy,” but what is the Chinese word for “sell?”

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