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“蜜(mì)” – A Sweet Chinese Word!

Feb. 20, 2014

“蜜()” means “honey” or “sweet things” in Chinese, such as “蜂蜜(fēngmì) honey,” or “花蜜(huāmì) nectar” etc.


Qǐng gěi wǒ yìbēi fēngmìshuǐ.
请     给  我  一杯  蜂蜜     水。

Please give me a glass of honey water.

In addition to meaning honey, “蜜()” can also be used as an adjective to describe people and things that are considered sweet or pleasant.


“闺(guī)” refers to a ladies’ bedroom or private sitting room (boudoir), and “蜜()” literally means “honey.” Put together, “闺蜜(guīmì)” means a woman’s best female friend. Because of the sweet sense of “蜜(),” if a woman refers to someone as “闺蜜(guīmì),” the relationship between her and this friend must be very sweet and close. “闺蜜(guīmì)” always trust in each other, are sincere to each other, share all their secrets with each other, and will never betray the other. Recently, a Chinese TV series called “新闺蜜时代(xīn guīmì shídài) Three Bosom Girls” began in China. It perfectly illustrates the meaning of “闺蜜(guīmì).” It tells the story of three newly graduated young women, who encourage and help each other to become mature and find their own roles in society. Typically, the term “闺蜜(guīmì)” is generally used for a woman’s female friends, but, what if the “闺蜜(guīmì)” is a man? In this case, we would call this man “男闺蜜(nán guīmì),” literally meaning best male friend, or a bromeo if you prefer.


Wáng Lì: Wèishénme tā zhīdào nǐ de nàme duō mìmi?
王      丽:为什么        她 知道   你 的  那么   多  秘密?

Wang Li: Why does she know most of your secrets?

Wáng Yīng: Yīnwèi tā shì wǒ de guīmì!
王        英:  因为   她 是  我 的  闺蜜!

Wang Ying: Because she is my gal pal!


“蜜()” means honey, “月(yuè)” means “month” or “moon,” so “蜜月(mìyuè)” is translated into “honeymoon” in English, vividly showing the sweetness and perfection of newly-married life, which is just as sweet as honey. Generally, the first month after marriage is called “蜜月(mìyuè).” During this period, the young couple’s relationship is very harmonious, perfect and full of tenderness and pleasure, so “蜜月(mìyuè)” is also used to refer to the sweet and wonderful life of a newly married couple. When a newly married couple spend their honeymoon traveling to a beautiful place, which is often the case with many newly married couples in China, we say they are “度蜜月(dù mìyuè),” which means “on a honeymoon.”


Wǒ xiǎng qù mǎěrdàifū dù mìyuè, nàr tài měi le!
我   想      去  马尔代夫  度 蜜月,那儿 太  美  了!

I want to go to Maldives for my honeymoon, because it is very beautiful!


“甜言蜜语(tiányánmìyǔ)” means sweet talk in English. It is used to refer to those talks that can be as sweet as candy. Usually, “甜言蜜语(tiányánmìyǔ)” is used to make people happy, or for the purpose of flattery, such as “你是我见过的最美的女孩。(Nǐ shì wǒ jiàn guò de zuìměi de nǚhái.) You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” In most cases, “甜言蜜语(tiányánmìyǔ)” are just lies. So, if you are in a new relationship, don’t be too excited by your beloved one’s “甜言蜜语(tiányánmìyǔ).”


Tán liàn’ài de shíhòu, bú yào xiāngxìn nánrén de tiányánmìyǔ!
谈    恋爱   的  时候,  不 要    相信       男人    的  甜言蜜语!

Don’t believe a man’s sweet talk when you are in a relationship!


1. If Mike is Dana’s “男闺蜜(nán guīmì),” which of the following is not true?

A. Mike shares Dana’s sorrow and pain.

B. Dana often tells Mike her little secrets.

C. Mike and Dana are in a relationship.

2. Diana is going to “度蜜月(dù mìyuè)” with her ____.

A. 男闺蜜(nán guīmì)

B. 男朋友(nán péngyou)

C. 丈夫(zhàngfu)

3. Which of the followings is not a property of “甜言蜜语(tiányánmìyǔ)?”

A. It is sweet and can make people happy.

B. It can only be said between lovers.

C. It can be lies.

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