Measure Word Mix-Up: “对(duì)” and “双(shuāng)”

Measure Word Mix-Up: '对(duì)' and '双(shuāng)'

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks.
Wǒ xīn mǎi le _____ yùndòngxié hé _____ ěrhuán.
我    新  买  了 _____ 运动鞋        和 _____ 耳环。
I bought a new _____ sneakers and _____ earrings.
A. 一对(yíduì), 一双(yìshuāng)

B. 一双(yìshuāng), 一对(yíduì)

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General Chinese (Beginner Level)
General Chinese (Intermediate Level)

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