Love Her, Call Her “女神 (nǚshén) Goddess!” (Elementary)

Recently, the variety show called The Happy Camp in China launched several episodes of the program centering on the topic “Who is your ‘女神(nǚshén)’?”.

They invited many famous female stars to the show.

One of them was Maggie Q, who plays the lead female role in Naked Weapon and Nikita. With her beautiful appearance and cool performance in the movies, she has enjoyed high praise at home and abroad. Now she has become an international “女神(nǚshén).”

Currently, the phrase “女神(nǚshén)” is widely used in daily life as well as on the Internet.

It is often employed to express praise and admiration for beautiful women.

Generally speaking, there are two cases: one is a diminutive for female idols by their fans. For example, if you like Marilyn Monroe very much, then you can say that she is your “女神(nǚshén);” The other is a complimentary address for women by their boyfriends or wooers.

For example, Zhang Ming loves Li Dan very much. For Zhang Ming, Li Dan is a “女神(nǚshén)” in his heart. Besides, if your female friend is very excellent, whether it be her looks, talent, or personality, you can also say she is your “女神(nǚshén).”

In fact, we can add some titles before “女神(nǚshén)” to describe concretely what kind of “女神(nǚshén)” we admire. The following four phrases are the hottest:

宅男女神(zháinán nǚshén)

The females yearned for by indoors men. Here, “宅男(zháinán)” refers to those men who like staying at home and rarely go out.

文艺女神(wényì nǚshén)

The females with a unique fashion sense, clear temperament, and deep love for writing. Sometimes they are a little sentimental. Here, “文艺(wényì)” means literature or art.

时尚女神(shíshàng nǚshén)

The females who can make a fashion wave with her style.

性感女神(xìnggǎn nǚshén)

Very hot and sexy females.

But why do we call them “女神(nǚshén)?” Actually, the phrase in Chinese originally referred to those female immortals with magical powers, literally meaning goddess.

They were beautiful and omnipotent, and deeply, faithfully adored by ordinary persons.

As the times changed, in all walks of life, more and more women began to stand out, especially in the entertainment arena.

They have pretty faces, some with outstanding ability, and are almost perfect in the eyes of ordinary people. To show deep admiration or love for them, the phrase “女神(nǚshén)” comes into use.

Now that there are “女神(nǚshén),” there must be “男神(nánshén)” as well.

The phrase “男神(nánshén)” is used to express a females’ admiration or love for their male idols.

For example, if you are a big fan of Jackie Chan, and love all his movies, then you can say “Jackie Chan 是我的‘男神’。 (Jackie Chan shì wǒ de ‘nánshén’.) Jackie Chan is my idol.”


1. Suppose you like Lady Gaga very much, and she is a perfect girl to you, then she can be your ____.

A. 女神(nǚshén)

B. 男神(nánshén)

C. 女人(nǚrén)

2. I’m a big fan of Jet Li, he is my ___.

A. 男人(nánrén)

B. 男友(nányǒu)

C. 男神(nánshén)

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