Learn Words and Sentences about Thanksgiving in Chinese Together!

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With this year’s Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, are you already preparing delicious meals and roast turkeys? With this joyful holiday underway, let’s learn some simple Chinese words and sentences about it through this Chinese lesson!

Language Points

Thanksgiving Day
nánguā pài
南瓜 派
pumpkin pies
nǎiyóu yángcōng
奶油 洋葱
creamed onions
tǔdòu ní
土豆 泥
mashed potatoes
píngguǒ jiǔ
苹果 酒
Jīntiān shì shénme jiérì?
今天 是 什么 节日?
What holiday is it today?
Jīntiān shì gǎn’ēnjié.
今天 是 感恩节。
Today is Thanksgiving Day.
Nǐ wǎncān chī le shénme?
你 晚餐 吃 了 什么?
What did you have for dinner?
Wǒ chī le huǒjī hé nánguā pài.
我 吃 了 火鸡 和 南瓜 派。
I had turkey and pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving! Do you know how to say the words and dialogues above now? We will introduce more interesting Chinese knowledge in future courses! Stay tuned!

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