Learn to Cherish Food Through This Ancient Chinese Poem

Food is the magic weapon of life, as it allows us stay away from famine. Food is the hope of life, because it keeps us be away from hunger. It’s fundamental to the people’s livelihood and ensures us to have enough to eat. On the eve of the World Food Day, which falls on each October 16th, let’s learn an ancient Chinese poem together, gain a deeper insight of the Chinese culture and experience the wisdom of ancient Chinese poets.

Language Points

Chú hé rì dāng wǔ,
锄 禾 日 当 午,
Hoeing millet in mid-day heat,

Hàn dī hé xià tǔ.
汗 滴 禾 下 土。
Sweat dripping to the earth beneath.

Shuí zhī pán zhōng cān,
谁 知 盘 中 餐,
Do you know the food on your plate,

Lì lì jiē xīn kǔ.
粒 粒 皆 辛 苦。
each grain was hard-earned?

This ancient poem summarizes the life of the peasants who work hard all the year round and expresses the poet’s sincere feelings for them. It also aims to tell us to cherish food, and never waste any.

Can you and your children recite the ancient Chinese poem yet? Please let us know if you like it, then we will teach you more interesting and useful Chinese knowledge in later lessons. Stay tuned!

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