Learn the Word Order of Time Words in the Chinese Language

Wáng Lì: Nǐ zuótiān zài  jiā ma? 王      丽:  你  昨天   在   家 吗? Wang Li: Were you at home yesterday? Zhāng Míng: Bú zài, ________ 张        明:     不 在,________ Zhang Ming: No, I went on a blind date yesterday. Which of the following sentences is NOT correct? A. 我去相亲了昨天。(Wǒ qù xiāngqīn le zuótiān.)

B. 我昨天去相亲了。(Wǒ zuótiān qù xiāngqīn le.)

C. 昨天我去相亲了。(Zuótiān wǒ qù xiāngqīn le.)

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