Easily Learn the Differences Among Carpet, Blanket, and Quilt In Chinese

HSK 3 quiz
I. Please look at the picture carefully, then choose the best option to fill in each blank.

    Nàgè xiǎo háizi zài _____ lǐ tōu xiào.
1. 那个小孩子在 _____ 里偷笑。

    Fángjiān lǐ de _____ xūyào qīnglǐle.
2. 房间里的 _____ 需要清理了。

Around the House: Chinese Furniture Vocab
    Tā gàizhe _____ shuìzháo le.
3. 他盖着 _____ 睡着了。

A. 地毯 (Dìtǎn)

B. 被子 (Bèizi)

C. 毛毯 (Máotǎn)

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