Answer Key – Take the HSK Quiz to Predict the Future Using These Chinese Words


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Being a sign of something; suggest the possibility or probability of something. People can make a judgement by slight signs that appear in a process like an omen before its formation, and the so-called signs are akin to a “forecast” or “indication” of what’s to come.


Saying advance that something likely to happen; realize beforehand.
As a noun, it means precognition, and it is a super sensory perception that allows the “perceiver” to “perceive” (rather than by reason from existing knowledge) what will happen in the future, similar to a witch or wizard.

Here are the correct answers and complete sentences:

Wǒ men wú fǎ yù zhī zhè chǎng yì wài.
我   们    无 法 预  知    这     场    意 外 。
We can’t predict this accident.


Zhè chǎng dà xuě yù shì zhe míng nián de fēng shōu.
这     场     大  雪  预  示  着    明    年    的   丰     收 。
This heavy snow indicates the rich harvest of next year.


Wǒ men wú fǎ yù zhī wèi lái.
我    们   无 法 预  知  未 来 。
We cannot predict what will happen in the future


Tā  rèn zhēn de xué xí  tài dù yù shì zhe tā  yǐ hòu huì chéng gōng .
他   认   真   的  学  习 态  度  预 示  着  他  以 后    会    成      功 。
His serious attitude towards studying indicates that he will succeed in the future..

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