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This Chinese language e-book offers a selection of the most popular Mandarin Chinese words in contemporary China. It will help you learn, practice, and use authentic Chinese words that are actually used by most Chinese people. Selected and edited by eChineseLearning's professional Chinese teaching staff, this e-book offers the best collection of its kind and will be a great companion for any Mandarin Chinese learner! Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Table of Contents

Chapter one of Chinese language e-bookChapter two of Mandarin Chinese e-book
Chapter three of free Chinese language e-bookChapter four of Mandarin e-book
Chapter five of Mandarin Chinese e-bookChapter six of Chinese language e-book
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"Thank you very much, it is a very useful e-book for me to know Mandarin! The popular words are very interesting and I can use a lot of them in my daily life."
- Andrea Lee, San Francisco
Jul. 16, 2018