iPhone is Popular in China!

iPhone is increasingly getting popular among young people in China. Recently, China Unicom is negotiating with Apple Computer in a deal that intends to introduce iPhone to the China market. It is estimated that if the deal goes through, iPhone’s sales in China is expected to 直线上升(zhíxiàn shàngshēng) increase substantially with people’s 追捧(zhuīpěng) enthusiasm over the product .

直线上升(zhíxiàn shàngshēng) Increase quickly

This phrase is made of two words 直线(zhíxiàn) and 上升(shàngshēng). 直线(zhíxiàn) refers to straight line and 上升(shàngshēng) means ascending and rising. The phrase literally means that the straight line is ascending, and here it means that speed, figures, interest rates, or profits increase quickly. So you can say the following:
Zhè jiā gōngsī de xiāoshòu liàng zài zhíxiàn shàngshēng.
1. 这  家   公司  的    销售      量   在   直线       上升。
The sales of the company are increasing quickly.
Wǒmen yào duō yùndòng, bìmiǎn tĭzhòng zhíxiàn shàngshēng.
2. 我们       要   多      运动,   避免     体重     直线       上升。
We should exercise more to avoid the rapid increase of our body weight.

追捧(zhuīpěng) pursue and admire

追(zhuī) means pursuing and 捧(pěng) means carrying and holding in hands. So when you love something or someone, you can use 追捧(zhuīpěng).
Zhè wèi gēxīng shòu dào hěnduō niánqīng rén de zhuīpěng.
这   位    歌星    受    到    很多      年轻      人  的    追捧。
This singer is pursued and admired by a lot of young people.

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