HSK Sample Test Answer: See a Doctor (Threshold)

Threshold 入门级 (rù mén jí)

The correct answer for this HSK test question is A. Here is the translation:
A: I have a headache and feel bad today.
B: Then, how about I go with you to see a doctor?


A. “看病 (kànbìng)” is the phrase for “to see a doctor.”

B. “生病 (shēngbìng)” is the  phrase for “to fall ill.”


C. “疼痛 (téngtòng)” is the phrase for “pain.”
D. “生气 (shēngqì)” is the phrase for “angry.”


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  1. Yes, I also learn it in my HSK test preparation. You can say “得病” instead of “生病”.

  2. Yes, you can download “sogou.” Youcan search “download sogou pinyin” in google.

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