HSK Sample Test Answer: 蜜月 (Threshold)

Threshold 入门级 (rù mén jí)

The correct answer for this HSK test question is A. Here is the translation:
A: Dear, how about we honeymoon in China after we get married?
B: Ok!


A. “蜜月 (mìyuè)” is the

Mandarin Chinese

phrase for “honeymoon.”

B. “月饼 (yuèbǐng)”  is the

Mandarin Chinese

phrase for “moon cake.”

C. “月光 (yuèguāng)” is the

Mandarin Chinese

phrase for “moonlight.”

D. “月亮 (yuèliang)” is the

Mandarin Chinese

phrase for “moon.”

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6 thoughts on “HSK Sample Test Answer: 蜜月 (Threshold)”

  1. Hi, you said the Mandarin Chinese character “月” means moon, but I learned in my Chinese class that 月 means month, so which one is right?

  2. Here are some examples of when 月 means month: 一月 January, 二月 February, 三月 March, 四月 April, 五月 May, 六月 June, 七月 July…

  3. Ni Hao, It is like this even Chinese also follow Lunar calender or almanac. So, the month is originated form moon symbol. the actual word for moon in yue liang.

  4. Maria Isabel Escudero

    I really appreciate the comments. They help me clarify the meaning of words. Thank you a lot

  5. why has possibilty two meanings
    1. math issue and physical expression
    2. possible danger
    is for scolars much dangerous
    wisdom only for beijing

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