How to Describe Your Favorite Idols Using This Chinese Slang

There are so many new trending slang words that it’s hard to keep up, but this one has been popular in China for several years and we think it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Therefore it’s useful to know: “表情管理 (biǎo qíng guǎn lǐ) facial expression management.”

表情管理 (biǎo qíng guǎn lǐ): facial expression management

表情 (biǎo qíng): facial expression

管理 (guǎn lǐ): management

With the trends of the “偶像产业 (ǒu xiàng chǎn yè) idol industry” and “选秀节目 (xuǎn xiù jié mù) talent shows”, “表情管理 (biǎo qíng guǎn lǐ) facial expression management” has become a buzzword. It’s worth learning since you will more likely than not hear it thrown in everyday conversation and see it online. Knowing trending words will not only help you keep up with conversations but it will help you sound a little closer to a native Mandarin Chinese speaker.

“表情管理 (biǎo qíng guǎn lǐ) facial expression management” means no matter under which situation, entertainers should keep their expressions perfect. This can mean hot lights, harsh weather, long days, and bad moods the idols maintain their composure and display a stoic expression.

It’s quite admirable since their work is never-ending and very demanding of their time, body, and mental health. Yet they still do anything to keep their beloved fans happy.

Not only can “表情管理 (biǎo qíng guǎn lǐ) facial expression management” be used to describe celebrities, but we can also use it in daily life.

wǒ de ài dòu biǎo qíng guǎn lǐ hěn hǎo.
我的爱豆 表 情 管 理很好。
My idol’s facial expression management is very good.

wǒ de biǎo qíng guǎn lǐ yòu shī bài le
我的 表 情 管 理又 失败了。
My facial expression management failed again

There are a number of ways to describe your idols in addition to their ability to manage their graceful expression during a performance or interview. Some performers are so dynamic and interesting that they have many characteristics. Take a look at these different expressions and how they can be applied to your favorite idol. Who do you think of when you read the examples?

可盐可甜 (kě yán kě tián): to describe a person, mostly a young female, that has different styles, both cool and lovely.

盐 (yán): salt, being extended to cool

甜 (tián): sweet, being extended to lovely

tā kě yán kě tián ,néng gòu wán měi jià yù bú tóng fēng gé
She can be both cool and lovely, and control different styles perfectly.

宝藏女孩 (bǎo zàng nǚ hái): to describe a girl is as good as a treasure, the deeper you know about her, the more you love her.

wǒ de ǒu xiàng shì yí gè bǎo zàng nǚ hái ,tā yǒu hěn duō yōu diǎn
My idol is a girl with so many strong points just like a treasure.

For those idols that have exceptionally good stage presence, we can say they have “台风很稳 (táifēng hěn wěn)”. They can blow you away with their elegance and refinement. It takes a lot of practice and effort to perfect “台风很稳 (táifēng hěn wěn)”!

台风很稳 (táifēng hěn wěn): the demeanor on the stage is very good, confident

台 (tái): stage

风 (fēng): style, demeanor or manner

稳 (wěn): steady

tā de yōu shì zhī yī shì tā de tái fēng hěn wěn
One of his advantages is that his demeanor on the stage is very good.

Some idols have a face that is nearly symmetric and unbelievably perfect in every way and scores off the charts in all of the beauty categories. For this type of idol, it is said that they are “颜值爆表 (yán zhí bào biǎo)”. How does one even achieve this level of attractiveness in one lifetime?

颜值爆表 (yán zhí bào biǎo): to describe a person that is extremely beautiful

颜值 (yán zhí): face score, an index to measure whether a person is good-looking or not

爆表 (bào biǎo): extraordinary

dà jiā gōng rèn zhè wèi nǚ yǎn yuán yán zhí bào biǎo
This actress is rated as extremely beautiful.

Now that you know there are a few more ways to compliment your favorite idol or describe a wonderful performance, you are ready to take the quiz! Leave a comment telling us who your most treasured idol is.

HSK 3 quiz

zài nà chǎng biǎoyǎn zhōng, tā de biǎoqíngguǎnlǐ hěnbàng.
在 那 场 表演 中,她 的 表情管理 很棒。

Which of the following might be true according to the sentence? Please choose the best answer.

A.She sang a beautiful song in the performance.
B.She danced very well in the performance.
C.Her facial expression was perfect during the performance.

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