Good Habits to Help Children Succeed in Learning Chinese

Learning a new language can be a challenging task, but with the right habits and mindset, children can make steady progress and achieve their language learning goals.
Here are some good habits that children should develop in the process of learning Chinese:

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No.1 Consistent practice

Consistent practice is crucial for mastering any language, including Chinese. Encourage your child to practice Chinese every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. While you are busy at work or in the kitchen, you can turn on Youtube or even TikTok channels related to Chinese learning and let your kids use this fragmented time to simply learn Chinese for a while.

No.2 Active listening

Listening is an essential skill for learning any language. Try to expose your child to a Chinese-speaking environment, and encourage your child to actively listen to Chinese speakers, whether through videos, music, or conversations with native speakers.

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No.3 Vocabulary building

Vocabulary is the building block of any language. Encourage your child to learn new Chinese words and phrases every day and to use them in context. Try putting Chinese labels on items around you so that your child can learn Chinese vocabulary in a very visual way.

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No.4 Regular reading

Reading is an excellent way to improve Chinese language skills. Encourage your child to read Chinese books, articles, and stories regularly. There are a lot of e-book resources on the Internet, search the keyword “Chinese e-book” and you will get a lot of related resources.

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No.5 Asking questions

Encourage your child to ask questions about the Chinese language and culture. This will help them understand the language better and develop an interest in it. This may be a challenge for kids who don’t have a Chinese teacher or a Chinese speaker to ask, but parents can help find answers by searching over the Internet, such as search engines, YouTube or even TikTok.

No.6 Consciously review after class

Reviewing after class is very helpful for students to improve their learning efficiency. Therefore, teachers or parents should pay attention to cultivating good habits of reviewing after class for children. To cultivate good habits, close cooperation and supervision from parents are also necessary. Only through long-term and repeated training can habits be developed.
Learning Chinese must be a long-term process that takes a lot of time and patience and therefore requires persistence for your child. Properly cultivate your child’s learning habits and with the right support and encouragement, your child can definitely become a confident and fluent Chinese speaker. If you are interested in learning Chinese, click on our website and get a free one-on-one trial lesson for your child!

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