Greetings on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Who are you going to spend it with? In today’s lesson, we’ll learn three popular Chinese expressions to use on Valentine’s Day.

Qīn’ài de péngyou, zhù nǐ Qíngrénjié kuàilè.
1. 亲爱  的  朋友,     祝  你  情人节       快乐!
My dear friend, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

Yuàn nǐmen yì qǐ fēnxiǎng shēngmìng zhōng de měi yì tiān, zhí dào yǒngyuǎn.
2. 愿     你们   一起  分享         生命           中    的  每  一 天,直  到    永远。
I hope you two can share every day of your life together until the end of time.

Xīwàng nǐ de xīnshàngrén zǎo rì chūxiàn.
3. 希望   你 的   心上人        早  日 出现。
I hope your special someone will appear soon.


情人节 (Qíngrénjié) n. Valentine’s Day

分享 (fēnxiǎng) v. to share

心上人 (xīnshàngrén) n. special someone

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