Five Must-Know Chinese Words About Trending Drama Events

Have you been following any trending drama events lately? If so, do you know any Chinese words about trending drama events? Here are five must-know Chinese words you won’t want to miss.

戏精 Drama Queen

Xi jing
戏 精 Drama Queen

Refers to people who act out of character, behave absurdly, and are theatrical. They attract attention by exaggerating their actions and making a scene.


Tā kě zhēn shì gè xì jīng.
She really is a drama queen.

Nǐ zhī dào xì jīng ma?
Do you know what a drama queen is?

撕逼 Quarrel

Si bi
撕 逼 Quarrel

Refers to the act of fighting or quarreling between two or more people, and can be extended to refer to online arguments and comment wars, often seen in drama events or among fans.


Bú yào sī bī.
Don’t quarrel with others!

Sī bī shì bù hǎo de xíng wéi.
Quarrel is not a good behavior.

狗血 Melodramatic

Gǒu xiě
狗 血 Melodramatic

Usually refers to some absurd and illogical plot twists, often seen in TV dramas and novels, which leave people speechless and unable to resist wanting to know what happens next.


Wǒ kàn le yī bù gǒu xiě diàn shì jù.
I watched a TV drama with a ridiculous plot.

Zhè gè gù shì hǎo gǒu xiě a!
This story is so ridiculous!

吃瓜群众 Onlooker

Chī guā qún zhòng
吃 瓜 群 众 Onlooker

Refers to people who are bystanders and observers of events, often found in groups and adhering to the principle of “just watching the show” without taking sides.


Wǒ shì yī gè chī guā qún zhòng.
I’m just an onlooker.

Nǐ yě xiǎng jiā rù chī guā qún zhòng ma?
Do you also want to join the group of onlookers?

八卦 Gossip

Bā guà
八 卦 Gossip; hearsay

Refers to discussions about light, entertaining, or sensational news in the entertainment or social circles. As a noun, it can be used to directly represent this type of news.


Wǒ tīng shuō le yí gè bā guà.
I heard some juicy gossip.

Bú yào bā guà bié rén.
Don’t gossip about others.

A conversation of “八卦(bāguà)”- the Chinese way to gossip
Have you learned these five popular Chinese words related to drama events? What other popular Chinese words would you like to know? Please feel free to share in the comments section!

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