10 of the Best Movies and TV Shows to Interest Your Child in Learning Chinese

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn. It’s also a language that many people around the world want to know more about. Children are no exception, and it can be hard for them to find ways to get started learning Chinese. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite movies and TV shows that will help kids learn Mandarin faster than they would otherwise! So start them off by watching some of the best movies and TV shows that are available in Chinese. Not only will they be entertained, but they’ll also pick up on some new words and phrases. For example, did you know that many children who watch “Thomas & Friends” in English can’t wait to see it again when it’s dubbed into Mandarin? Your child may enjoy these awesome titles as well!

(1) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin, might be a ranger for life! If your child likes the TV show and is into superheroes, this one’s a no-brainer. They’ll pick up on some Mandarin as they watch the series about kids with superpowers fighting monsters in their spare time. It was originally dubbed to Chinese so there are plenty of chances for them to learn words that have been used by native speakers since then.

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(2) If History Is a Group of Meows

This series introduces Chinese history in a cute and exciting way. The animation is based on historical records of Zuo Zhuan, the general history of China, and other historical documents. They are all created according to real historical events, which is both interesting and educational. It aims to popularize Chinese history amongst young readers while the work reinterprets historical events in humorous language, making it easier for young people to remember. The animation uses modern comic techniques to create 12 cats to explore cultural innovation and “education through fun”.

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(3) Stories of Tang Poetry

This is a series of cartoons adapted from Tang poetry. The poems in the film are selected from more than 1000 poems of more than 100 poets. They are all very classic masterpieces. The duration is very short, and each episode only lasts about 8 minutes. Each episode adopts different art techniques, including line drawing, fine brushwork, ink painting, freehand brushwork, folk New Year pictures, and so on. The film is faithful to the original in terms of ideology and content, and excavates on the basis of poems as a framework to create and enrich the plot, which truly reflects the local customs at the time, the connotation of writing and the poet’s ideological realm. It is a clever way to incorporate Chinese culture into the lessons. The children speak in Mandarin, and they are shown eating noodles (instead of pizza), reading scrolls on their beds instead of comic books, using chopsticks rather than forks, and memorizing poems for school instead of writing essays. In this way, watching movies helps them learn about Chinese culture.

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(4) Laozi’s Theory

A philosopher in ancient China, Laozi (or Lao-tzu) is credited with writing the Daode Jing. The book is the earliest record of Daoism—a philosophy that has shaped Chinese life for more than 2,000 years. Daoism emphasizes self-knowledge, simplicity, spirituality, and openness. The cartoon series explains what Lao Tzu said in all of his wisdom. The animation of “Zhuangzi said” summarizes what Zhuangzi said in only a minute or two.

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(5) Barbie Fairytopia Princess

This TV show features Barbie as an elf princess who must go on an adventure that will eventually lead her back home to Fairytopia. There are two seasons of the show that are sure to keep your little Barbie fan begging to watch more even if they are learning a lot of Chinese at the same time.

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(6) Peppa Pig China Version

Who hasn’t heard of Peppa Pig? She is the five-year-old piggie who lives with her mother pig, father pig, and brother George (who, guess what, is also a pig). Most of the stories revolve around daily life, such as children participating in preschool game groups, visiting grandparents and cousins, playing in amusement parks, and cycling around town.

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(7) Kung Fu Panda: The Next Karate Kid

If your child has seen all of the Kung Fu Panda films, then they’ll love seeing Po in Chinese as well. Children can learn Chinese by rewatching movies they’ve already seen. After watching movies in their native language, children can learn new words by rewatching the same movie in Chinese. It’s an easy way for them to use a concept they already know and understand the target language using the familiarity of the original title.

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(8) ​Monster Hunt

This 2015 Chinese film is well known for its CGI, making it a great movie to interest older kids in learning about China and the language. The film takes place in ancient China, where the Humans existed alongside the Monsters. They once shared the world in peace and harmony until the Humans drove the Monsters out from their home, for they sought total dominion over their lands. Then a civil war errupts and the Monster Queen flees to the Human Realm and meets Song Tianyin, a young village mayor who becomes pregnant with the Monster Queen’s baby. This is when the adventure to protect the baby from villains of the Human and Monster worlds alike begins.

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(9) Mulan (1998)

If you’re looking for a movie that’ll really give your kids the feel of what life in ancient China might have been like, this Disney classic won’t disappoint. It has everything from an empathetic protagonist with selfless motivations and personal flaws to scenes depicting how women were treated poorly back then. This Disney classic was adapted from a poem about a woman who disguises herself as a man so she can join China’s army. It has been translated into over 10 languages, including Mandarin. What’s more, is that it teaches children about historical events while being very entertaining at the same time!

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(10) Wolf Totem (2015)

This Chinese movie made waves when it came out on Netflix because not only does it show modern-day rural China, but it also is loosely based on a true story. It features a Chinese student who is sent to Inner Mongolia to teach shepherds and instead learns about the wolf population, which is under threat. It is great for older children who love animals and can relate to a coming of age story.

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Yes, there are many Chinese learning methods for children, but none of them is as fun as watching cartoons, movies, and TV shows.
One of our method uses cartoons to keep kids interested and engaged while they learn Chinese. This way, no matter how hard the material may be, your child will want to continue learning it because they find it interesting. That’s why we’ve developed a system that lets your child learn Chinese through cartoons in an easy-to-follow manner so that they can learn all about China’s history and culture along with the language itself. The lessons come with audio files as well as flashcards and other materials which make this program truly unique!

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