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Current Events-汶川地震一周年纪念 (wèn chuān dì zhèn yì zhōu nián jì niàn) One Year Anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake

Mar. 31, 2015

A year after the devastating May 12, 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, people across China and around the world are still deeply concerned about the fate of the quake-affected people. Memories from the disaster and the government’s effective response are still fresh. The following are excerpts from Premier Wen Jiabao’s speech regarding the Sichuan earthquake.

“The earthquake has destroyed our home and devoured our great people. But the best way to honor the deceased is for the living to live a happy life. We will hold together and conquer the great disaster.”

Chinese version:

Huó zhe de rén nŭlì  xìngfú dì shēnghuó jiùshì duì sĭzhě de zuìhăo ānwèi.
活    着 的 人   努力 幸福  地   生活      就是   对  死者  的  最好   安慰。
The best way to honor the deceased is for the living to live a happy life.

On the afternoon of May 12, 2008, just after the earthquake, about 100,000 people in a county were trapped in a mountain due to the collapse of a bridge. The Premier Wen Jiabao ordered the relief troops on phone:”No matter what, I want you to ensure these 100, 000 people are out of danger.”

Here is the Chinese version:

Bù guăn zěnmeyàng, wŏ dōu yào zhè shí wàn rén tuōxiăn!
不   管      怎么样,    我  都    要   这  十   万    人   脱险!
No matter what, I want you to ensure these 100,000 people are out of danger.

生词 (shēng cí) Vocabulary:

努力( nŭ lì)adj/adv struggling

幸福( xìng fú) adj/n happy / happiness

安慰( ān wèi) v/n console / comfort

脱险( tuō xiăn) v get out of danger

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