Chinese Words with Multiple Meanings

Chinese Words with Multiple Meanings:加油(jiāyóu)

In Chinese, many words or phrases actually have more than one meaning. For instance, “加油(jiāyóu)” means “to add fuel,” “come on!” “cheer up,” and so on; “吃醋(chīcù)” literally meaning “eat vinegar,” but often implies “jealousy”; and “(èr)”, the Chinese version of the Arabic numeral 2, is also used to describe someone who is very stupid, silly or careless. Other than these, there are many more examples of Chinese words that have multiple meanings.
Which of the following is NOT similar to the words or phrases above, meaning it does not take on at least one other meaning?
A. “方便(fāngbiàn)”

B. “感冒(gǎnmào)”

C. “走后门(zǒu hòumén)”

D. “看电影(kàn diànyǐng)”

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