Chinese Test: How to say “no way” in Chinese?

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


Mary always borrows money without returning it. She is short of money these days and wants to borrow money from Helen again. 

          Néng jiè wǒ diǎnr qián ma?
Mary: 能    借 我 点儿   钱     吗?

           Bù hǎo yìsi a, wǒ zuìjìn qián yě bú tài gòu yòng.
Helen: 不好 意思啊,我最近   钱     也 不 太 够   用。
           (Xīn xiǎng: xiǎng wèn wǒ jiè qián, méiménr.)
        (心     想:    想     问   我 借 钱, 没门儿。)

What is the real reason that Helen cannot lend money to Mary?

A. Helen is also short of money these days.

B. Helen doesn’t want to lend money to Mary.

C. Helen didn’t have money at that time.

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