Chinese Song For Kids: A Little Mouse Climbing Up A Lamp (Beginner)

小老鼠上灯台 (Xiǎo lǎo shǔ shàng dēngtái) A Little Mouse Going up on a Lamp Stand

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Xiǎo lǎoshǔ,
小     老   鼠,
There was a little mouse

shàng dēngtái.
上         灯   台。
going up on a lamp stand.

Tōu chī yóu,
偷    吃   油,
He stole and ate some oil,

xià bù lái,
下 不来。
he wasn’t able to get down.

Miāo miāo miāo,
喵      喵      喵,
“Meow, meow, meow,”

māo lái lā,
猫   来  啦,
a cat came,

jīligūlū gǔn xiàlái.
叽哩咕噜滚 下来
“Rumble” the mouse fell off the lamp.


老鼠 (lǎoshǔ): n. a mouse

灯台 (dēngtái): n. a lamp stand

油 (yóu): n. oil

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7 thoughts on “Chinese Song For Kids: A Little Mouse Climbing Up A Lamp (Beginner)”

  1. My son Tony has been learning Chinese since Sept. 2009 from a Chinese teacher online. And he is confused about the two Chinese words “上” and “下,” who can help me distinguish them?

  2. Correct! “上” and “下” are opposite in meaning, the same as “up” and “down.”

  3. I also had a Chinese teacher online. He told me that “上” is “up,” and “下” is “down.”

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