Chinese Slang -“靠谱(kàopǔ) Reliable”

靠谱(kào pǔ) is a slang term used daily by Chinese people. The meaning of “靠谱(kàopǔ)” is “to be reliable” or “ to be worthy of trust.” It is used as an adjective to describe a person or thing.

If you trust a person and you rely on him to help solve problems. ( Ask Jennifer!) Then to you, this person is very “靠谱(kàopǔ).”


Tā hěn chéngshí, shì yígè kàopǔ de rén.
她  很    诚实,      是  一个 靠谱   的  人。
She is an honest and reliable person.

Wŏmen dōu juéde tā hěn kàopǔ.
我们      都    觉得  他 很   靠谱。
We all think he is very reliable.

If you feel that a thing can be finished with a very high success rate and you may benefit from it then you can also say that this thing is very “靠谱(kàopǔ).”


Mǎ Lì de fāng’àn hěn kàopǔ, wǒmen kéyǐ shì yi shì.
玛  丽 的 方案       很   靠谱, 我们     可以 试 一 试。
Mary’s plan seems to be very reliable; maybe we can try it.

Zhèjiàn shì fēicháng kàopǔ.
这件      事  非常        靠谱。
This thing is very reliable.

The opposite of “靠谱(kàopǔ)” is “不靠谱(bú kàopǔ),” which means someone or something is not reliable.


Nǐ zhēn bú kàopǔ!
你 真     不 靠谱!
You are so unreliable!

Zhèjiàn shì tài bú kàopǔ le, wǒ bú huì bāng nǐ de.
这件      事  太 不  靠谱   了,我 不 会  帮     你 的。
This thing is so unreliable that I can’t help you.


1. Your friend always fails to keep his promises, you can describe him as __.

A. 很靠谱(hěn kàopǔ)

B. 不靠谱(bú kàopǔ)

C. 靠谱(kàopǔ)

2. If a thing is ___, then it’s worth trying.

A. 非常靠谱(fēicháng kàopǔ)

B. 不靠谱(bú kàopǔ)

C. 很不靠谱(hěn bú kàopǔ)

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