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Chinese Nursery Rhyme: Toothbrushing (Elementary)

Apr. 13, 2016

Nǐ yě shuā, wǒ yě shuā,
你  也  刷, 我 也  刷,
You brush and so do I,


Xiǎoxiǎo yáshuā shǒuzhōng ná.
小小        牙刷      手中        拿。
Hold the toothbrush in your hand.


Shàng xià zuǒ yòu quán shuā biàn,
上       下  左   右    全     刷    遍,
Up, down, left, right, brush everywhere.


Yáchǐ xuěbái xiàohāhā.
牙齿    雪白   笑哈哈。
Making your teeth so shiny and white.


Zǎo yě shuā, wǎn yě shuā,
早   也   刷, 晚   也  刷,
Brush in the morning and brush at night,


Xiǎoxiǎo yáshuā gōngláo dà.
小小       牙刷     功劳      大。
The toothbrush does its part and cleans.


Rénrén kuā wǒ jiǎng wèishēng,
人人     夸   我   讲     卫生,
People praise me for good hygiene,


Ài qīngjié de hǎo wáwa.
爱  清洁   的  好   娃娃。
And being a kid so clean.


For many children, brushing their teeth is the last thing they want to do. They hate the taste and the feeling of toothpaste in their mouth but brushing your teeth is important, just like the song says!

A kid with such a passion for brushing, like in the song, is every parent's dream. He brushes them very carefully and makes them shine. He develops a habit of brushing his teeth twice a day. Let’s sing the tooth brushing song and learn some new words together.


1. 牙刷 (yáshuā)


Wǒ yǒu liǎngbǎ yáshuā.
我    有   两把     牙刷。
I have two toothbrushes.


Wǒ de yáshuā shì fěnsè de.
我   的   牙刷   是  粉色  的。
My toothbrush is pink.



2.手 (shǒu)


Rén yǒu liǎngzhī shǒu.
人    有    两只      手。
People have two hands.


Wǒ de shǒu xiǎo, gēge de shǒu dà.
我   的   手    小,哥哥  的   手   大。
My hands are small and my brother’s hands are big.



3. 牙齿 (yáchǐ)


Tā de yáchǐ hěn bái.
他 的 牙齿   很   白。
His teeth are very white.


Wǒ diào le yìkē yáchǐ.
我    掉  了一颗 牙齿。
I lost a tooth.




1. Which of the following means "hand?"________

A. 脚 (jiǎo)
B. 手 (shǒu)
C. 牙齿 (yáchǐ)

2. What’s the meaning of the word "牙刷 (yáshuā)?" _________

A. teeth
B. brush
C. toothbrush

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Dear echineselearning:

Kindly let me know what plug in is needed to play video and audio of recoded Chinese learning content poted on your web site.

Thank you so much!
Best Regards,

Hi Valery, can you tell me what kind of browser you use? Actually the most of the browser has the plug-in automatically.

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