Chinese Movie-非诚勿扰 (If You Are the One)

Dáoyǎn:   Féngxiǎogāng
  导演:     冯小刚

Zhú yǎn:  Gě yōu       Shū qí         Fāngzhōngxìn
 主演:      葛优           舒淇           方中信

Xúruòxuān    Fànwěi   Féngyuǎnzhēng
徐若瑄             范伟        冯远征

Shàngyìng rìqī   nián
       上映日期            :2008年 2008

Film name:

If You Are the One


Xiaogang Feng

Leading Roles:

You Ge, Hsu Chi, Alex Fong, Vivian Hsu , Wei Fan, Yuanzheng Feng

Date of premier:

Watching Chinese movies could help you learn Chinese, and get better culture understanding.
The movie《非诚勿扰》has prompted the viewers to ponder about the relationship and marriage in this modern age in China.

What does “非诚勿扰(fēi chéng wù rǎo)” mean?

非(fēi) means “non-“and 勿(wù) means” do not.” They both convey a negative meaning. 诚(chéng) is generally understood as being honest or sincere, and 扰(rǎo) comes with the meaning of disturbing or interrupting.

Thus, the phrase’s basic connotation is “don’t disturb unless you are sincere.”

It is possible for you to see this phrase in many situations in daily life, such as on matching or dating websites (like or even on the posters for selling various items(like eBay).

In the movie, this phrase means “don’t contact me if you are not the girl I’m looking for”.
What is the movie about?

“Miss Right”, only encountering various kinds of “Miss Wrong”.

A woman (acted by Shu Qi) feels desperate after an affair with a married man and happens to meet Ge You at a blind date.

They get to know each other gradually and decide to pay a tour to the famous resort in Japan together.

As a comedy, the film brings us a happy ending. The song in the movie was performed by a winner of “Super Girl” program (a TV program similar to “American Idol”).

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