Kids’ Chinese Song: 找朋友 Looking For A Friend (Beginner)

找朋友(Zhǎo péngyou) Looking for a Friend

“Looking for a Friend” is a classic Chinese children’s song that almost every child in China can sing it.

Key Learning Points (Preview):

找 (zhǎo)  v.  to look for

握手 (wòshǒu)  v.  to shake hands

Listen to the whole song lyrics:

Zhǎo ya zhǎo ya zhǎo péngyou.
找     呀   找    呀  找      朋友,

Looking, looking, and looking for a friend.
Zhǎodào yí gè hǎo péngyou.
找到        一 个  好    朋友。

Then I find a good friend.
Jìng gè lǐ,   wò wò shǒu.
敬   个 礼,握 握  手,

Salute and shake hands.
Nǐ shì wǒ de  hǎo péngyou.
你 是  我  的   好    朋友。

Now you are my good friend.

Key Learning Points:
找 (zhǎo)  v.  to look for

Nǐ zài zhǎo shénme ne?
你 在  找      什么     呢?

What are you looking for?

握手 (wòshǒu)  v.  to shake hands

Zhōngguórén wòshǒu biǎoshì yǒuhǎo hé zūnjìng.
中国人             握手       表示     友好     和  尊敬。

Chinese people shake hands to show friendliness and respect.

6 thoughts on “Kids’ Chinese Song: 找朋友 Looking For A Friend (Beginner)”

  1. In this online Chinese song for kids, 朋友 means friend, and I’ve also learned that the phrase “伙伴” also means friend, so what’s the difference between them?

  2. They are synonyms. But “伙伴” is usually used with kids, for example, “小伙伴 little playmates.”

  3. “好” in this online kids Chinese song means good, but can anyone tell me the Chinese word for “bad?”

  4. bad in chinnese can put word 不 before 好, it means 不好= bù hǎo another one is 坏=huài

  5. Besides the explanations that Karen gave, 伙伴 can also be used to refer to partners.
    Such as: 生意伙伴(shēngyì huǒbàn) business partners; 工作伙伴(gōngzuò huǒbàn) work partners.

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