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Business Etiquette- Hang up a Phone Call (Intermediate)

Sep. 25, 2015

Chinese Lessons about Business Etiquette- Hang up a Phone Call (Intermediate)

Key Learning Points (Preview):

帮忙(bāngmáng): v. to help


转达(zhuǎndá): v. to convey


近日(jìnrì): adv. soon


As we all know, proper telephone etiquette is an important part of maintaining harmonious business relationships. Do you know how to politely end a telephone conversation in Chinese? Ending a telephone conversation politely will help you make a good impression. Let's start our Chinese lesson about how to hang up a phone call!

1. To a close friend
If you are familiar with the person, you can end the conversation by saying:

Hái yǒu shénme wǒ kěyǐ bāngmáng de ma?
 还 有      什么    我 可以     帮忙      的  吗?


Is there anything else I can help you with?

2. To a friend (but you are unfamiliar with his/her family)
If you know the person but are unfamiliar with his/her family, you should say:

Qǐng dài wǒ xiàng nǐ  de jiārén wèn hǎo.
 请     代  我    向   你 的  家人    问   好。


Please send your family my best regards.

3. To convey a message
When someone asks to leave a message, you can say:

Wǒ yídìng tì  nín zhuǎndá.
 我   一定 替 您    转达。


I will make sure he/she gets your message.

4. To a customer
If your customer calls, you can say:

Xièxie nín dǎ diànhuà lái.
 谢谢   您   打  电话     来。


Thanks for calling,

Hěn gāoxìng yǔ nín tōnghuà.
 很       高兴   与  您     通话。


It's a pleasure to speak with you.

Xīwàng jìnrì nénggòu jiànmiàn.
  希望   近日  能够         见面。


I hope we will meet soon.

This is considered to be both polite and modest.
Key Learning Points:

帮忙(bāngmáng): v. to help



Wáng lǎoshī, qǐng nín bāngmáng fānyì   yí xià dì wǔ  kè.
  王       老师,请    您        帮忙     翻译  一 下 第 五 课。


Mr. Wang, please help me translate lesson five.
转达(zhuǎndá): v. to convey



Qǐng xiàng nǐ  fùqīn zhuǎndá wǒ de xiè  yì.
  请    向     你 父亲    转达    我  的  谢 意。


Please convey my gratitude to your father.

近日(jìnrì): adv. soon



Xīwàng jìnrì néng dédào nín de huífù.
 希望    近日  能     得到    您 的 回复。


Hope to hear from you soon.

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