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Chinese Greetings for New Year’s Day

Dec. 27, 2011

New Year’s Day, or "元旦 (Yuándàn)" is just around the corner. Wouldn't you like to impress your friends and relatives by wishing them a happy holiday in Chinese? Today let’s take a look at a few popular phrases in Mandarin for the New Year.

Yuándàn kuàile! Quán jiā xìngfú! Zài xīn de yì nián lǐ hǎo shì duōduō!
元旦          快乐!  全    家    幸福!在新  的 一 年  里 好   事    多多!


Happy New Year! May happiness find you and yours. Good tidings with many more good things to come! 

Xīnnián zhī jì, zhù nǐ: dà cái, xiǎo cái, yìwài cái, cáiyuán gǔngǔn. 
新年      之际,祝你:大 财、小 财、意外  财,财源       滚滚。


On the occasion of the New Year, may you find yourself rolling in wealth of all kinds, from large fortunes to life’s small and unexpected treasures.

Yuándàn dào, wèn ge hǎo, yuàn nǐ kāixīn kùnnan shǎo; qīngchūn zhù, bú biàn lǎo, 
元旦       到,  问   个   好,  愿  你    开心     困难   少;        青春   驻,不  变   老,
quán jiā tiāntiān hēhē xiào.
全      家   天天     呵呵 笑。


I greet you on this New Year with good tidings for an abundance of blessings and an absence of hardships. May your lasting youth shine on and all those you care for be blessed.


幸福 (xìngfú): n. happiness


财源滚滚 (cáiyuán gǔngǔn): v. to roll in wealth


困难 (kùnnan): n. difficulty


青春 (qīngchūn): n. youth


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