Online Mandarin Course: 过新年 Celebrating the New Year
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Chinese Song: 过新年 (Guò xīnnián) Celebrating the New Year

Dec. 27, 2011

Key Learning Points (Preview):

过新年 (Guò xīnnián): v. to celebrate the New Year


跳舞 (tiàowǔ): v. to dance


Guò xīnnián ya, dōng dōng dōng dōng qiàng,
过     新年    呀,    咚    咚      咚     咚      呛,


We are celebrating the New Year, Tong Tong Tong Tong Qiang (the beat of a drum).

Xǐ yángyáng ya, dōng dōng dōng dōng qiàng,
喜    洋洋    呀,  咚   咚      咚       咚        呛。


It’s happy, Tong Tong Tong Tong Qiang.
Biānpào shēng shēng luógǔ xiǎng, dōng dōng dōng dōng qiàng,
鞭炮            声     声       锣鼓   响,   咚     咚      咚      咚      呛。


Playing with the fireworks and banging on the drums, Tong Tong Tong Tong Qiang.
Chànggē tiàowǔ duō huānchàng, dōng dōng dōng dōng qiàng,  
唱歌          跳舞    多         欢畅,    咚      咚      咚       咚      呛。


It’s joyous to dance and sing, Tong Tong Tong Tong Qiang.
Xìngfú de shēnghuó tián ya tián yòu xiāng, dōng qiàng, dōng qiàng, dōng dōng qiàng.
幸福     的        生活   甜   呀   甜  又     香,    咚     呛,     咚     呛,    咚      咚    呛。


Our happy life is so sweet, Tong Qiang, Tong Qiang, Tong Tong Qiang.
Key Learning Points:

过新年 (guò xīnnián): v. to celebrate the New Year


The character "过 (guò)" in this song means "to spend/to celebrate." "过新年 (guò xīnnián)" means "to celebrate the New Year," but we often simply say "过年 (guònián)." 


Mǎshàng jiùyào guònián le, hǎo gāoxìng ya!
马上          就要     过年  了,好     高兴   呀!


I am so happy that the New Year is coming.
跳舞 (tiàowǔ): v. to dance


"跳 (tiào)" is a verb which means "to jump," and "舞 ()" is a noun which refers to "dance."


Lily xǐhuan tiàowǔ.
Lily 喜欢     跳舞。


Lily likes dancing.

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