Chinese Culture

Chinese E-book – Uncovering the Secrets of China’s 10 Traditional Festivals
China is a country of sacred traditions, many of which center around holidays and festivals. In this e-book, we introduce the ten most celebrated traditional festivals, in all their tradition and splendor.

 Chinese E-book – 20 Chinese Taboos You Should Never Try
Like any culture, China has its own set of cultural taboos you’d better be aware of before you visit. We’ve taken the time to outline some of the most important Chinese taboos for you.

 Learn Chinese Culture – Traditional Clothing
Costumes have maintained an important place in Chinese culture for more than three thousand years. Many dynasties throughout China’s history each had its own unique style of costumes, with styles changing or disappearing as the dynasty changed, declined, or were replaced.

 Chinese Food Culture – Edible Art: Sugar Painting
If you visit China, you might find that in many places, like temple fairs, parks, alleys, and so on, there are vendors selling special, edible paintings drawn on-site with hot, liquid brown sugar. This kind of painting is known as “糖画 (tánghuà).”

 Learn Chinese Culture – 4 Common Wedding Traditions
Getting married and having a wedding is one of the most important events in most people’s lives throughout the world. Each culture has its unique wedding traditions. We are going to introduce four traditional events that Chinese couples getting married in China must do before they start their new life together.

 Learn Chinese Culture – Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Kung Fu
Kung-fu is an ancient Chinese martial art of hand-to-hand combat. The martial art was developed to be a defense against an opponent who used any one-to-one, hand-to-hand fighting methods.

 Learn Chinese Culture – The Four Ancient Capitals of China
A very enjoyable part of the experience of learning Mandarin Chinese in China is the opportunity to be able to see and experience new parts of the world. Sometimes, those “new” parts are actually quite old!

 Learn Chinese Culture – To be the Host
Have you ever invite your Chinese friend to dinner? How to express “it is my treat, let me be the host”? Listen to how these two guys say.

 Learn Chinese Culture – 24 Solar Terms
“Li Dong (立冬)” is the Beginning of Winter in China! Li Dong is the 19th solar term. Besides Li Dong, there are 24 Solar Terms.

 Learn Chinese Culture – About Chinese Fengshui
Deciding not to go with a red sofa, moving a mirror from the bedroom to the living room, changing the position of the bed in your bedroom.

Learn Chinese – Chinese Culture Points
The Chinese system of names and titles is by and large complicated. Titles may be used to address each other among one’s colleagues, e.g. “màizŏng and Liú Jīnglǐ”. For acquaintances personal names and surnames may be preceded by “lǎo” (old) or “xiǎo” (young). Formal patterns of address include “xiānsheng” (mister,Sir). “nŭshì” (Ms or Mrs), “tàitai” (madam or Mrs) and “xiǎojie” (miss).

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