No Worries! (Beginner) 不要紧!(初级)

How to Speak Chinese: 不要紧 (bú yào jǐn) No Worries! (Beginner)


     Wǒmen cuòguò gōngjiāochē le.
A:   我们       错过       公交车      了。
      We’ve missed the bus.

     Bú yào jǐn, guò shí fēnzhōng hái yǒu yí tàng.
B:  不 要  紧,过    十    分钟      还   有 一   趟。 
     No worries. There’ll be another in ten minutes.  

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  1. M Henri Day

    When I lived in Beijing about 30 years ago, the phrase we most often used for «bus» was 公共汽车. Has this now been superseded by 公交车 ? I note that if one googles the two phrases, the former is found on more three times the number of web pages than the latter (51400000 vs 16400000)….


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