Quote of the Week (Nov.5, 2010)

Yào xiǎng dádào yí gè gèng hǎo de zhuàngtài, nǐ bìxū cóng xiǎoshì zuò qǐ,
要     想     达到   一 个 更     好   的    状态,    你 必须   从   小事    做   起,
cóng yí gè bǐjiào dī de mùbiāozuò qǐ.
从     一个 比较 低 的 目标    做 起。

To achieve a better condition, you must start with the basics, beginning with the minor goals. 
—From “姚明 (Yáo Míng) Yao Ming,” a famous Chinese NBA player.
Vocabulary for Mandarin Learning:
状态 (zhuàngtài): n. condition

必须 (bìxū): adv. must

目标 (mùbiāo): n. goal

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