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AP Sample Test Answer: What is Your Nationality?

Jul. 28, 2010


What is your nationality?

A. “我是美国人 (wǒ shì měiguórén)” in this conversation means
     “I am an American” or “I come from America.”

B. “我学习汉语 (wǒ xuéxí hànyǔ)” means “I learn Chinese.”
“汉语(hànyǔ)” is also known as “Mandarin” in many Chinese conversations.

C. “我住在英国 (wǒ zhù zài yīngguó)” means “I live in Britain.”
      It should be an answer for questions like “你住在哪?(nǐ zhù zài nǎ)
      where do you live?”

D. “我要去中国 (wǒ yào qù zhōngguó)” refers to “I will go to China.”
      This does not answer the question, either.

The correct answer is A.


In Chinese conversations, especially when you first meet someone as a foreigner, “你是哪国人 (nǐ shì nǎ guó rén) what is your nationality?” is a very common question. You may introduce yourself by saying “我是美国人 (wǒ shì měiguó rén) I am an American” or “我是英国人 (wǒ shì yīngguó rén) I am from U.K.” It is improper to say “我住在英国 (wǒ zhù zài yīngguó) I live in U.K.” for it does not answer the question.

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“您贵姓(nín ɡuì xìnɡ)” means “Your surname, please.” This is a very courteous way to start a Chinese conversation for meeting somebody for the first time. In China, we often address people by their surname to show our respect, e.g. 张先生 Mr Zhang, or 李女士 Ms Li.

I am a Korean too, and I can speak a little Chinese. Actually, you can say “我是韩国人” when introducing yourself. Many people ask me “nin gui xing” when we first meet. What does this mean?

Could anyone tell me how to say “I am a Korean” in a Chinese conversation?

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