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AP Chinese Test: Birthday Gift

Jul. 21, 2010

AP Chinese Sample Test Question:

Choose the one of the following answers that continues or completes the conversation in a logical and culturally appropriate manner.

Tom: 这是我送你的生日礼物,喜欢吗?

Mary: _____________________

A. 我要去参加朋友的生日!

B. 我很喜欢,谢谢!

C. 对不起,我不知道你过生日!

D. 这是谁送的礼物?

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when one speaks Chinese, “生日礼物” is often used to refer to “birthday gift.”

“生日” means “birthday” and when one speak Chinese they say “shēngrì,” but what does “礼物” mean?Does that mean gift?

I have a friend who can speak Chinese and he told me that “喜欢” means “like” or “be fond of.” Could anyone tell me the meaning of “生日” and how to say it when you speak Chinese?

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