Answers on the SAT Chinese Test about the usage of conjunctive words in Chinese

Answer: C

According to the context, we know that Han Mei hasn’t gone to school for a few days because she was sick. So the conjunctive denoting the cause-and-effect relationship should be used to fill in the blank. Take a look at the options, only option C shows such a relationship.

“虽然……但是……” in Chinese is used to show two contrasting conditions. For example:

Suīrán tā hěnshǎ, dànshì tā hěn shànliáng.
虽然   他  很傻, 但是 他 很    善良。

Although he is stupid, he is very kind.

“不但……而且……” in Chinese is used when showing two complementary conditions.For example:

Tā búdàn huì shuō yīngyǔ, érqiě háihuì shuō hànyǔ.
他 不但   会   说    英语,而且  还会  说     汉语。

He can speak not only English, but also Chinese.

“因为……所以……”in Chinese denotes a causal relationship. The initial event and its corresponding result must be a cause-and-effect relationship.For examples:

Yīnwèi wǒ tàilèi le, suóyǐ wǒ yào hǎohǎo xiūxi yíxià.
因为    我 太累了,  所以 我  要   好好  休息  一下。

I need to have a good rest because I am too tired.

Yīnwèi wǒ shēngbìng le, suóyǐ wǒ yào chīyào.
因为     我    生病    了,所以 我 要   吃药。

Because I am ill, I need to take medicine.

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