Answer to Do You Know How to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

Answer: C

吃月饼 (Chī yuèbǐng): eat mooncakes

赏月 (Shǎngyuè): admire the moon

吃饭 (Chīfàn): have a meal

(The origin of “中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival.”)
Nǐ zhīdào Zhōngguórén rúhé qìngzhù zhōngqiūjié ma?
Do you know how Chinese people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Tāmen chángcháng zài zhōngqiūjié de shíhòu chī yuèbǐng, chī tuányuán fàn huòzhě shǎngyuè .é
They often eat mooncakes, have a family reunion dinner or enjoy the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

From the dialogue, we understand that eating mooncakes and admiring the moon are both traditional Chinese customs for the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, having just a meal is a daily activity that everyone participates in all the time. Therefore, the correct answer is C.

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